Belts & Pouches

General Description

The belt is similar in style to the Fett belt with multiple, small pouches on a thin belt with a girth belt underneath. The girth belt is wider than the pouches, sits in between the ab and stomach plates of beskar’gam, and comes to a stop about level with the top of the pouches. It appears that the bottom portion of the girth belt features a banded pattern, but this is not as evident on the picture taken from the back. Both belts are medium brown in color with weathering.

Detailed Descriptions and Images

Front image. Notice the weathering on the pouches and the ribbed pattern of the girth belt underneath.

Back image. Notice the smooth appearance of the bottom of the girth belt. This may be due to a choice to not render the detail, or a purposeful design decision.

My Build

I picked up two Boba Fett Belt Pouch sets from costumebase on eBay so that I could add extra pouches to the belt. While it is just pleather ($32), it is well made, looks great, and seems to be quite sturdy.  The belt is 2″ and the pouches are 4″ x 2 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ and are fully functioning with Velcro closures. I simply used a fine grain sanding block to weather the pouches.

As for the girth belt,  I’ve gone with a cheap pleather version I found on eBay ($8). The back is a stretchy material that I will soon be replacing, but the front panel molds nicely to my figure. I had intended to upgrade to leather, but unless it is a clothing-grade piece, it may be too stiff for use.  As the ribbing adds physical dimension to the belt, it has only been added it to the front; leaving the rear flat, as in the images.


Comments & Responses

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