Chest and Collar

General Description

The Chest Plates are probably the largest departure from the male Mando beskar’gam, but keep the same appearance and feel in that they are comprised of mirrored, symmetrical pieces. The ridge line across the bottom third of the the plates adds a tougher appearance to the plates. The collar is very similar to Boba’s, but has a slight point at the center that aligns with the chest diamond.

Detailed Description and Images

Plates are flush against the suit with hidden fasteners. I’ve used Velcro to  attach mine, which allows for some adjustment.

The ridges are more obviously defined here. I used Magic Sculpt to form mine. Being that I have a larger bust, they turned out a bit rounder overall.

My Build

Although Sintra is a fabulous product, it simply cannot handle the sort of compound curves required for Femando chest armor; particularly when you have a large bust to begin with. This is one of the few armor pieces where another material was used to complete the project.

I used a mannequin torso to form my plates and located it on eBay for around $25 with shipping. I used scissors and a sharp knife to cut the initial shape and then various rotary tool attachments to smooth it.


The initial forms were significantly larger and it took some shaping to get to the right size. I found that once I actually had the suit on and was preparing to fit them, I had to trim the bottoms even further. For a larger bust like mine, a good bra is another essential piece of the costume. It needs to be comfortable but supportive. Mando’s do not slouch, and neither should our girls!


After many hours of sanding, shaping, cutting, re-sanding, re-shaping…. the finished product!


A side view to  illustrate the ridging.


 The collar is based on the Boba Fett template with a bit of shaping.

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