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As soon as A Friend In Need aired, professional and amateur builders alike started manufacturing pieces for Bo and general Death Watch builds. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of scratch building this suit but if you are not as crafty, are not going for 501st approval, or just don’t want to take the time, these may be ideal for you. Please note that I am in no way compensated for mentioning these sources. I will not take responsibility for any issues you may have with the quality of their product, as I am only mentioning them out of courtesy. I have purchased from a few of them, and I will denote my approval of their products by specifically mentioning my endorsement.

Skirata Arms


I heartily endorse Skirata Arms. I did not get my buy’ce from Falin , but I have purchased other buckets and can personally attest to their quality. From the photographs, his Bo helmet seems to be spot on.

The Mandalorian Arsenal


I have not made any purchases from the MA but discovered them through Skirata Arms. They have a Night Owl kit and I believe there is some cross promotion that may help you save on the total project.



Another source I can endorse based on personal familiarity with their product. There is a size for just about every type of bucket and they do custom pieces, too!





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