General Description

 Based on the concept art, it seems that Bo’s gaunts are nearly identical to Vizsla’s although worn on the opposite arms. Dave Filoni said that originally Bo was going to be a male character known as the  “Death Watch Lieutenant” and the change to a female character was made at the last minute, requiring some of her gear to be borrowed. It will be interesting to see what changes with Season 5 and her greater presence on the screen!

Detailed Description and Images

My Build

While they didn’t take the longest, the gaunts were a particular challenge. One, the source material was fuzzy and or/lacked close-up detail. Two, other than a simple circular template based on Boba Fett’s set, I essentially whipped these up from scratch. I sectioned the basic cuffs into two pieces and dipped the Sintra rather than using a heat gun. I let them harden around a wine bottle for the circular shape, and then used the gun as needed to make sure they lined up properly.

 In order to actually be able to open them, I slit the sides after shaping. Then it was an issue of layer upon layer of Sintra and a great deal of modeling with Magic Sculpt. I got all of the greeblies from random sections of my local Lowe’s and the darts are Dremel bits. I also must thank the Ad’ika for giving me some Lego bits. The outer seams are held together with adhesive Velcro which allows them to open like a clamshell, and there is also Velcro on the inner seams which adheres them to my flightsuit sleeves.

Inner and outer clamshell.
Right Gaunt: Blaster and Disc Blade Launcher
Left Gaunt: Lasso, Dart Launcher and Blade

Season 5 Update

I have only noticed one change in the Season 5 Mando arc which is to the left gaunt. It looks as though there is some sort of additional plate added above the darts. I do not know if there are sufficient differences between the seasons to indicate different costumes and so it remains to be seen if adding this piece is a necessity. Since I am updating all of the other pieces, though, I imagine I will get to this at some point.

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