Pistols & Thigh Armor

Pistols are not a required part of the costume for a 501st build, but as Pre Vizsla has gained popularity, costumes are now available and include his unique blaster pistols. Why leave them out when you can buy them for around $12 with nifty sound effects! I will most likely be giving them a custom paint job later on and had someone suggest I Bondo the screws to make them appear more realistic.

The thigh armor is an integral part of the build and will be made out of 3mm Sintra. Bo-Katan’s seem to be identical to Vizsla’s so I used the templates below.


These templates were developed by Praetor Ordo

After cutting out the template pieces I sanded them with course and then fine sanding blocks. I used Loctite Professional Strength adhesive to glue the angled side pieces on to the front piece, and then lined the interior with kitchen and bathroom caulk for added support.

After initially trying to shape the holsters to my leg using a heat gun, I realized that dipping them in boiling water for 15 seconds of full immersion was the way to go. Keeping a pair of leggings between the hot Sintra and my skin, I had to apply pressure evenly to both sides extremely quickly to shape them. The good news, is that if you mess up you just throw them back in the water and start over. Just make sure that when you remove them, you don’t make indentations on the Sintra with your tongs. As I will say in any thread dealing with Sintra, NEVER put it in the oven to heat as it will release toxic fumes.

When the outer holster box was dry and the leg plate was properly molded, I did a practice fit before attaching it. It was a good thing I did the practice run, because I realized there would be huge gaps due to the curve of the underplate. I fixed this by cutting the bottom segment of the box into a curve so that it laid flat against the plate. It worked like a charm, and I glued the box down with Loctite. Then I ran more of the paintable caulk around the edges and smoothed it down with my index finger to give everything a seamless look!

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