Mandalorian Mercs

Article 1. Mission Statement

The Mandalorian Mercs (a.k.a Mercs) is a Star Wars fan based costuming club. Our intent is to celebrate the Star Wars universe using costumes and props, specifically custom and canon Mandalorian characters based on official movies, books, comics, and games. The Mercs’ aims are to celebrate the Star Wars movies, books, comics, and video games through the wearing of costumes and to promote the quality of improvement and creativity in costumes and props. The clubs secondary intent is to promote interaction with charity organizations and the betterment of the community through volunteer work. Mercs recognizes it holds no claim over the costumes and characters it portrays, and that their use is a privilege extended by Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL). The members of Mercs acknowledge and accept that while in costume, we represent the Star Wars brand and will do so professionally and responsibly at all time. This Codex serves to define the role and operations of Mercs, as well as the rights and responsibilities of its membership. The Codex is subject to amending as needed upon ratification by its membership.

Source: The Mandalorian Mercs Codex


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