Resol’nare – Six Actions

The core ethos of the Mandalorian culture can be summed up in the Resol’nare, or Six Actions:


 All children will be brought up according to the core values of Mandalorian society.


 It is an honor and a privilege to don the beskar’gam that is so closely identified with  Mandalorians. The armor should be crafted, maintained, and worn with a sense of pride.

 Defense of Self and Family

 A Mandalorian should be a paragon of strength, and the warriors family is an extension of that strength.

Defense of the Clan

 A Mandalorian offers their personal strength to benefit the extended family that is the clan.

 Language is Sacred

 Mando’a is at the core of what it means to be Mandalorian. All Mando’ade must be fluent in the language and restrict its use to the presence of other Mando’ade.

Devotion to Leader and Country

 The welfare of the Mando’ade is of paramount importance and all warriors contribute to its defense according to the wishes of the Mand’alor. A strong Mandalore is an invicible Mandalore.

Any Mandalorian who does not adhere to these actions is considered  dar’manda, or ignorant of their heritage. As such, they are anathema to other Mandalorians and do not deserve to be called Mando’ade. They are also barred from reaching Manda, the afterlife.

Mandalorian children are taught the following rhyme to help them remember the six actions:

Ba’jur, beskar’gam,

Ara’nov, aliit,

Mando’a bal Mand’alor—

An vencuyan mhi.


Education and armor,

Self-defense, our tribe,

Our language, our leader—

All help us survive.

Reference: The Star Wars Six Actions

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