Fett’s Etiquette

Vod, do not attempt to make conversation in the refresher.

It’s better when a captive becomes willing to talk while they are still sufficiently coherent to do so.

C3PO is fluent in over 6 mil forms of communication, but I’ve found my EE-3 pointed at someone’s head is a universal language.

It would suck if your last meal was a super size combo at McWickets, so if there’s a price on your head, eat well every night.

The family that preys together, stays together.

It is not ok to do nothing while your kid cries so loud the entire public transport can hear. This is why I only fly Slave 1

If a guy looks dangerous, be probably is.

In Mando’a, there is no word for “emo”.

You’ll never seen a Mandalorian man in skinny jeans.

I’d really appreciate if my bounties didn’t bleed out on my armor.

War is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.. nah, its still fun and games.

When using the public refresher on any planet, remember to courtesy flush.R

Respect your elder; they’ve seen more wars than you.

Shaken, not stirred, works for interrogations, not just martinis.

Shoot first. Let some reporter worry about asking questions later.

Speak softly and carry a big E11… vibroblade, flamethrower, several thermal detonators, a jet pack mounted rocket…

Ladies, please your Mando: learn to field strip, clean and assemble a blaster. It’s pretty hot, actually.

Support single moms. Tip your Mos Eisley dancers generously.

Never shake a Weequay’s left hand. They don’t use it for what you think.

Confused about which fork is the salad fork at a formal dinner? Eat meat.

Mandalorians, my brothers of the beskad. I’d rather fight beside you than any army of thousands. Let no many forget how menacing we are.

Holy Sithspawn its annoying when pilots leave their blinker on for lightyears after entering a hyperspace lane.

Show her you care. Say it with flamethrowers.

In the 10-or-less line with 15 items? Your groceries will be well done on the conveyer belt courtesy of my flamethrower.

Ladies, even if I’m a filthy rich intergalactic badass, at least offer to chip in a few cred coins at dinner even if you know im paying.

When on a group bounty hunt, wait for your host to shoot first. Then you are free to open fire.

You better set your comlink to vibrate during a holovid or i will shoot you

If you’re an intergalactic celebrity, it’s a bad idea to send pictures of your junk on the comlink.

It’s ok to work for other Hutts until you’ve come to a clear understanding with that special someone.

When attending the funeral of a bounty you’ve killed, its proper to wear your black beskar’gam.

After a good date, some women like to be sent flowers, others like thermal detonators.

Always ask yourself, “What is the kindest way possible of killing this bounty”?

When roughly interrogating prisoners, remember shaken, not stirred.

Ladies first, including with blaster bolts and flame throwers.

When putting a prisoner in your cargo bay, be sure to put your foot to their ass. It’s the thought that counts.

At a formal dinner, always start by shooting the guests furthest from the center and work your way in.


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